Additional tips for sewing leather

Change needles regularly: Leather can dull the needles, so needles need to be changed more frequently in leather sewing than in other types of sewing. It is a good rule of thumb to change the needle before each project. The last thing you want is to break a needle, jam a machine, or ruin your project because you sewed with a dull needle.

Choose the right thread: Synthetic thread, such as nylon or heavyweight polyester for upholstery, is recommended for sewing leather. Both are unaffected by the tannins in the leather and are strong enough for any leather project.

Perfect Corner Stitches: To avoid skipping stitches when cornering, bury the stitch, lift the foot, rotate the fabric assembly, lower the foot and continue sewing.

Practice on scraps: Remember that every pinhole in leather is permanent. Practice your stitch designs and tension your machine on scrap leather before starting your project.

Basting tape is your best friend: Since you can't hold the leather together without creating unnecessary holes, use basting tape to keep your layers from slipping and sliding as you sew. It's quicker and easier than using glue and clips to hold leather applications together.

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