Why Home Sewing Machines Won't Cut It

To sew leather, you need a machine that can handle the thickness of the material without sticking to the presser foot or needle plate as the material moves. Home sewing machines are not equipped with enough features needed to sew leather. Also, home sewing machines can handle a limited thread thickness, reducing the types of leather items they can sew.

Most home sewing machines are plastic and made from poor, low-quality parts. They are not designed to handle dense materials like leather. You need a sewing machine with a solid cast iron body and solid all-metal internals. You need a machine that can handle user errors (like needle deflection or hitting a grommet) and keep running. You'll also need a walking foot -- or better yet, a composite walking foot -- machine with a presser foot designed not to damage the leather. Although leather is thick and tough, its surface is fragile and the wrong presser foot can damage, fray or damage the leather.

In summary

We hope this blog helped you understand and consider all the features you need for a leather sewing machine. Whether you're a small business owner or a passionate hobbyist, you need a sewing machine that can handle the intricacies and intricacies of leather goods. To review, look for a machine with a non-slip drive system, high foot lift, walking feet that won't wear leather, powered reducers and programmable servo motors, and reliable customer service and support if you need it. All these features - and more! — Found in both of our leather sewing machines.

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