A letter about us


As a professional company sewing accessories producting and saleing , we have focused on sewing industry over20 years. We start the business with sewing accessories , including blades, presser foot, drum, bobbin case, clothing foot, needle, tape measure, tweezers and other hundreds of industrial sewing machine or household sewing machine accessories. Then in order to better serve the market, We also added some clothing fabrics, accessories and DIY material products, and the market also customers gave satisfied feedback on products experience. Since 2015, we have shifted from offline to online saleing, and have our own e-commerce retail stores in China. Until 2020, we have begun our busniess overseas markets. SEWINGTK is a brand and website we created for this purpose.

 Our original intention is hope broad masses of customers can through our web site exposure to the correct  DIY process flow ,get the using of household sewing machines/industrial sewing machines. On this basis, exchanging sewing related topics, then you can produce the products full of meaning.

 And we can do else is hope customers purchase our products at a good price, convenient online purchase of accessories you need. We uphold the objective, fair, the first rule of customer first to service you all . We contribute the painstaking website, really hope it is helpful to you.


---- to all friends and practitioners who love sewing and DIY


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